5 awesome new features

We've rolled out quite a lot of new features but these are my favorites.

Google Analytics tracking

Everyone uses web analytics. With Campaignion we decided to integrate web analytics in a way that gets you started without needing any custom development. For example, you will see form submissions, donations and shares as custom events in Google Analytics from day one.

Find out more in this blogpost about using web analytics effectively.

Donate via Paypal

Paypal as a new payment processor really changes a lot. It's the first payment processor we have integrated that allows redirecting to external payment pages and then bringing supporters back to the thank you page.

Since integrating paypal, we've also rolled out SagePay, RSM2000 and a few other payment processors.

You can find out more about payment processing in this blogpost about "Global payment processing"

Working on Crowd Actions

Sometimes it can be very effective to allow supporters to set up actions themselves. We have developed the first pilot to test this with a client. Essentially supporters can set up their own petitions, they get a user account to log in and edit their action.

This is still in development but I'm really excited about it. Totally looking forward to finishing it.

Show all activity on your platform with "recent signers"

A live display of who is taking action right now can be very powerful. Campaignion shows you a box with the most recent signers on every action page by default.

Sometimes you might want to show live updates from all your actions though. For example, on the front page of your action center displaying this makes a lot of sense.

We've adapted the recent supporters functionality so you can add a phrase for each type of action like "Florian just signed the petition against nuclear power plants". You can choose which actions to display in the feed and put it on your front page.

Recent supporters of all actions

Scaling Campaignion

In the past few months, as our customer base has grown and the amount of supporters in their databases has gone up, we introduced a few new changes that help with scaling Campaignion.

Things like GeoIP redirects and tracking sometimes make it difficult to cache incoming requests. We're happy to say that Campaignion can now be used with popular tools like Varnish to scale to a million visitors a day without much effort.

Other small improvements

  • The way data is imported into the CRM system has been improved. It's now faster than ever and the system decides which data is best to use based on a complex formula.
  • When filtering your supporters in the "Manage supporters" interface you can now decide to switch "auto-updating" on or off. If you don't have a lot of supporters (less than 50,000) you can see the live results of your filters almost instantly. However, on bigger databases this process takes too long to refresh the preview, so you can tick the box to apply your filters when you are ready to go.
  • The export from forms as well as the CRM were quite scalable when we released Campaignion in April 2014. But since then, we've experienced tremendous growth and we made them even more scalable. Now you can download 500,000 supporter records in just a few minutes.

2014 was a great year and we won't stop here. Our plans for 2015 are big and we hope you'll be with us to share success stories and failures alike! :-)