Reasons for showing support

Supporters are attracted to your campaign for several reasons:

  • they already care about the issue
  • their friends, family, colleagues or role models care about the issue
  • the theory of change is compelling and convincing
  • it is timely and relevant to their current interests


How can you use these facts for your campaign? How can you get more supporters for your campaign?

What most successful online campaigns share is a simple model:

The email to action model

The principle is: maintain a relationship with supporters via email and directly involve them in your campaigns through actions on your website.

The model is straightforward, really. You can start with all email addresses your organization currently has. Then you find an interesting action that supporters can take to help a campaign. Usually this action would be presented on your website or on a campaign site. As soon as the action is online, you send your supporters an email asking them to participate.

The model in action

If your supporters click on the link you’ve provided in the email, they’ll land on a page. All they see is a simple introduction and an image that really catches their attention. The copy leads them towards a form and asks them to sign the petition, e-mail-protest or any other action you’ve chosen.

If your action is compelling and relevant, then they will sign!

After signing the form, your supporters are redirected to a thank you page that asks them to share this action with their friends. But that’s not enough! Your supporters should also receive an email from you that thanks them again for participating in the action. It also asks them again to spread the word.

All this is nicely summarized in this video.

Watch and share!



You can also watch the video in German: