FOUR PAWS is an animal welfare charity that was founded in 1988 in Austria and now has 11 offices worldwide.

As part of a major strategy change, FOUR PAWS wanted to introduce a global platform to be used by their regional offices for local campaigns, as well as for international campaigns. The  platform needed to provide campaigning features, like setting up a petition, as well as global donation pages - all in one system.

To do this they used a customised Campaignion installation and in this blogpost you can find out more about it all.

International and multilingual

FOUR PAWS uses Campaignion in 11 different countries. With GeoIP technology, every visitor lands automatically on the page of their location. Bernadette in Bordeaux will see „France“ and Qiu Xialong in Beijing will see „中国“.  Using location specific pages massively increases the quality of the data.

Furthermore is this nonprofit able to export the language settings for supporters into their CRM system and also into their email marketing programme. This allows them to send much more targeted emails.

Dealing with so many languages is no mean feat, but working with FOUR PAWS  has taught us valuable lessons about how to make Campaignion even more user friendly and multi-language compatible.

Microsites with personalised designs

Donation Page for Bears

FOUR PAWS rescues mistreated bears and relocates them to species-appropriate environments. For their bear rescue centres, they needed a specific website. Their Campaignion installation can deal with microsites like this bear sponsorship page.

Check it out: http://baerenpate.at/

If they want to add further pages to the campaign, they can do it themselves, by assigning it to the “bears” campaign within their Campaignion installation. They will automatically have the correct design and page structure.

Saving time with Action Templates

FOUR PAWS are also able to set up templates for petitions and email actions in every language included in the software. These templates include a form, thank-you email and thank-you page. A donation page template automatically has the integrated payment providers added. This makes it super quick to set up a new action.

Campaignion connects to email marketing tool and fundraising database

Campaignion can be easily integrated with the regional fundraising databases FOUR PAWS are using, so new donors end up in the fundraising database.

Different countries direct debit and payment processors

FOUR PAWS uses direct debit across countries and for other payments they use Paymill, Stripe and Paypal as processors. They intend to integrate even more "local" payment providers in future in order to maximise the opportunity for their supporters to donate.

Screenshot Payment Methods

All payment methods can be used for a single donation or regular donation. You can find more information more about global payment processing here: The Challenge of Global Donation Processing

Donation pages

The donation pages are the next step of the programme. FOUR PAWS US is the first country to launch and they can collect donations via credit card and PayPal. The other FOUR PAWS chapters are intending to roll out fundraising pages  later in 2015.

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CleverReach integration

CleverReach is an email marketing tool. Campaignion manages newsletter subscriptions and FOUR PAWS can add a “newsletter checkbox” to every form. They can simply choose an email list (or multiple lists), that people will be subscribed to. Supporter data will be automatically synchronised to their email marketing tool, including tags.This way they can send out segmented emails based on segments in Campaignion or automate emails with triggers.

They offer discounts for charities ;)

Screenshot Newsletter Sign Up

Around 300,0000 supporters recruited via Campaignion

Until now, FOUR PAWS have collected nearly 300,000 online supporters with Campaignion. It turned out that their supporters are very active. They even had peaks of 150,000 signups in one day!

Save Kimi Burberry Protest

Heavy traffic and large installation? No problem

Due to the variety of languages and the different microsites, FOUR PAWS’ installation is pretty big. Things like GeoIP redirects and tracking sometimes make it difficult to cache incoming requests. However, Campaignion can easily scale to a million visitors a day.

8 different online actions in more than 10 languages!

Since January 2014, they have done this by launching 4 email actions and 4 petitions. By translating an action into up to 10 languages, FOUR PAWS can reach huge numbers of supporters in their native language and make it more accessible for them to participate.

Tracking best practices

Concerning analytics, it’s important that you pay attention to the most relevant information for your organization and don't drown in your data. FOUR PAWS uses Google Analytics for website tracking. We’ve helped them to set up meaningful reports that focus on their key metrics.

If you're interested in tracking, have a look at this: Web Analytics for Campaigning & Fundraising