Global 2000, the Austrian chapter of Friends of the Earth (FoE), is an independent environmental organization. They fight for a the protection of environment.

They decided to use Campaignion as a platform for their entire website, as well as their online campaigning and fundraising.

Imagine you could build cutting edge online fundraising and campaigning features right into your website

That's exactly what FoE did using Campaignion. They wanted campaigning and fundraising functionality built right into their website. From setting up online actions to processing donations, everything had to be easy to use and the data collected end up in the fundraising CRM database. Campaignion was the perfect system.

The biggest petition they ever did

As part of our beta testing, one petition exceeded all expectations. This success story helped us optimize Campaignion to really perform for big organizations. Read more about it in this blogpost: 250,000 supporters in less than 2 weeks!

Campaigning success

A new EU regulation threatened small-scale farmers and local producers while industrial seed companies would have been able to extend their dominance.

In just 2 weeks 250,000 people signed FoE’s petition against this regulation. In the end Friends of the Earth and their coalition partner “Arche Noah” mobilized more than 500,000 supporters and - wohoo - the European Parliament rejected the proposal by the EU Commission for a new EU seed regulation with a huge majority.

More than 400,000 supporters recruited via Campaignion

In total, Friends of the Earth collected more than 400,000 supporters with Campaignion. At its peak, their website handled more than 200,000 petition signatures in less than two weeks.

Up to 50 different actions on the website

FoE Online Action Form


The picture above shows an email protest targeting the chancellor and vice-chancellor of Austria. FoE is campaigning for environmental standards to be included in the new fiscal reform.

They have launched around 50 online actions ranging from petitions for a nuclear free Austria to an email protest against TTIP.

Success with online fundraising

Screenshot Global 2000 Donation Form

FoE keep their donation forms short and simple. The button ("Weiter" means next) is easy to find and easy to click. More and more people use mobile phones or tablets not only for surfing the net but also for making donations. FoE’s site is mobile friendly and adapts to every screen (responsive) in order not to lose potential donors and significant donations.

Their supporters have so far give more than €65,000 in one-off donations managed and processed in Campaignion. Around 800 supporters have signed up to make monthly regular donations and 650 annual regular donations through their website as well.


  1. Email marketing tool
    Campaignion connects to FoE’s email marketing tool and they can simply choose an email list (or multiple lists) people will be subscribed to. It’s possible to add a “newsletter checkbox” to every form on their website.
    Supporter data is automatically synchronised to your email marketing tool, including tags.This way they can send out segmented emails based on segments from Campaignion. As part of the Campaignion CRM system you can also filter your supporters based on newsletter subscriptions and subscribe them to newsletters after you've segmented them.
  2. Fundraising database
    The built in online fundraising tool automatically hooks up with FoE's fundraising database. It processes direct debits and is able to segment fundraising data based on online actions taken.
    FoE can set up donation pages quickly and easily. Their Campaignion installation accepts payments via credit card, direct debit, EPS or PayPal.

On top of that they have a whole website, since Campaignion is built using Drupal

FoE Online Action

Friends of the Earth decided to start from scratch with a totally new website and a new user experience. They were unhappy with their old site because it was very confusing for their visitors. Drupal was a natural choice because it's a flexible open source CMS.

Old content that dates back to 2005 was migrated, a new information architecture was created and the site completely redesigned.


»We are online and it looks wonderful! The press conference was a success. Total amazement over our new website!! Great work!! Thanks a lot!!«

Victoria Zedlacher, Digital Communication

It's a German website but feel free to take http://www.global2000.at for a test-ride