How you can project supporter comments onto a massive screen

Here at more onion we frequently test new tactics for digital campaigning. When working on a campaign to stop Glyphosat (a highly toxic chemical used in agriculture) for BUND (Friends of the Earth in Germany), the responsible Minister never really responded to any of our emails. So we thought: "let's find a different way to deliver these messages".

And so we did. You can take action too, it's a German campagin though so you might need google translate.

BUND shows supporters' comments on a massive screen

Source: Jörg Farys/BUND

Here is a nice little video of the action.


A few weeks later we're happy to announce that Campaignion has a new feature. Campaignion already allows you to add a comment field to any action. Now we've added the ability to set up a "comment live screen" action and a nice interface for moderating these comments in real-time.

Through little things such as keyboard shortcuts, moderating even thousands of comments is possible. We're still improving the interface and I'm certain we'll learn a lot from this first launch.

Moderation of live comments Interface

A little bit of technical background

We've solved the moderation and the display of the comments outside of Drupal. The reason is that we wanted to take full advantage of modern technology, such as websockets.

So it's the second python based app that we're adding to the Campaignion family (we use FLASK to be specific).

It's all about speed. So we also chose our favorite modern java script framework vue.js to deliver a snappy interface for moderation.

How can you get hold of this feature?

The application can be turned on for you, simply ask support and they will help you out. At the moment, we'll only allow temporary usage of this feature (not longer than a month at a time). But if you have actions like this all the time we'd be happy to chat.