You can now use Campaignion to get your supporters to contact their Councillors, with inbuilt targeting that helps you reach the right type of Councillors. You’ll also benefit from existing Email to Target features allowing you to target specific messages at individuals, constituencies or parties and automatically add personal details to messages. Combined with the extreme usability of the tools, you could build and launch a focused, personalised Councillor action in under an hour.

Intelligent targetting for your campaigns

The council system structures in the UK are a little complex as they change depending on where you live. In some areas one councill deals with all local issues (Unitary or Metropolitan Councils) but in others responsibilities are split between two councils (such as County Councils and District Councils).

The Council sets on Campaignion are set up to cut through the confusion and make sure that your campaigns target only the type of Councillors with the power to deliver what you need. To do this we have created two datasets, one that targets all single councils and lower level councils, and one that targets all single councils and higher level councils. So whatever your message, you can make sure the right people hear it.

Why Councillors?

Councillors can be play a really important role in campaigning theories of change, and in terms of getting things done at the local level, they’re often even more important than MPs. Whether you’re campaigning to make certain areas more accessible and safe or you want to influence official party polities with pressure from the grassroots, Councillors are a critical target.

How to get started

The data sets are automatically available for all clients already using the Email to Target tools. If you’re not an existing Email to Target client, drop us a message set up a demo.

You can find out more information on the Email to Target tools and other datasets available here.


Islington Town Hall


Photo: Laura Nolte