Good campaigning is all about people power.

And that's what this week's People Power conference in London was all about - a chance to hear some inspiring speakers talk about what they achieved with campaigning and activism.

Here are top three things I heard about:

Working in coalition

Working together with other organisations and partners in a coalition was a recurring theme this, particularly in the context of the Lobbying Bill which was recently passed in the UK. A diverse range of organisations that included for example the Countryside Alliance (which supports hunting for example) working together with the Lancashire Badger Trust (a nature conservation group).

And that was the key message about working in coalition - surprising partnerships can be very powerful. 

Other reasons for working in coalition include the opportunity to pool resources and take the chance to say things in a different way than you would as your own organisation using your existing brand.

There can of course be challenges - with sign-off, for example, or agreeing aims and objectives. But the advantages of working in coalition clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Having the right digital tools to react quickly

Being able to react to what's happening in the news or as things take shape and develop in your campaign is really important. 

And so to do that it's vital that you have the right tools available to be able to contact your supporters quickly, and to get petitions or campaign actions on your website to be able to respond effectively.

Greenpeace did this brilliantly as they dropped everything last year to focus all their efforts in securing the release of the Arctic 30 .

Bee positive

A lot of campaigns have a negative focus. And that's completely understandable - there are a lot of things wrong in the world that people are campaigning to change.

But something, communicating positively about an issue can make your campaign and your issue stand out to supporters.

That's what Friends of the Earth did with their Bee Cause campaign. And framing their communications in a positive way helped recruit new supporters, engage existing supporters, mobilise huge numbers of people - and it worked well for fundraising too.

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