How does prefilling work?

There are two common scenarios where prefilling forms with contact data can be really effective.

The first case is when mobilising supporters via email to an action page. Your email marketing tool can generate URLs that contains specific information, like the first name and last name. Campaignion can then remember this information in the browser (the technical term is session storage) and prefill all forms.

The other common example where prefilling forms comes in is when you send people who have taken action to another action or a donation page. Through this new feature peopel don't have to add their data twice.

Interaction with other tools

If you need to pass on data to other tools this can also be very interesting. For an example, if you use a tool like Leadpanel to capture additional data from your supporters, you can configure them to automatically save previously captured information along with the phone number.

That way you can easily match supporters by email address.

Want to try it? You can sign this petition by burma campaign to release political prisoners in Burma. After taking action, you will land on a donation page. If you click on the donate button, you'll see that all data you have filled out on the action is already prefilled in the donation form.

Prefilled donation form

What about security?

Of course there is always a security concern with prefilling forms. That's why we've build it in a way, that Campaignion only remembers this kind of information during one browsing session. If you close the browser, it's gone.

By placing a personalised link in an email, you can pass data back into this browsing session.

The drupal module

As usual we've open sourced the new feature. In this case it works well with all Drupal installations and can be downloaded here. At this stage we also want to thank Burma Campaign, one of our clients, for the financial contributions towards this feature.