What is this about?

Non profits and activists always have one or several goals they would like to reach. A theory of change explains how a desired goal is achieved.

Some examples?

  • If we raise x amount of money, we can finance y because this will help z.
  • If 100.000 supporters sign this petition within 2 weeks, we send a clear message to politician x.
  • If you and hundreds of others write a protest email to this company now, they will stop a certain behaviour.
  • If so many people show up at this protest action, the public will realize that there is a problem with x.

Watch our video and learn how to create your own theory of change!



This is the second little video from our series about the basics of online campaigning (produced with the help of Duane Raymond). Feel free to share it with your friends!


You can also watch the video in German: