Schedule a demo

You want us to show you around the system and answer a few quesitons about the product? Great, let's schedule a demo.

Schedule a demo

Set up your sandbox

You're an explorer? You want a sandbox to play around with and get an installation you can test?

Since Campaignion is open source you can just download the code and install it on your local server. Or you can use the sandbox environment of the Drupal community.

Please not that this system is not maintained by us and may not work at all times.

Click here, click "launch sandbox" and then you'll have to go through the Drupal installation routine. Choose "Campaignion Distribution" in the beginning. From there you can basically just hit "next" on every screen. Then you'll have to wait a minuit or two and voila: you have your fresh, un-customized Campaignion installation.

Launch Drupal testing sandbox