Online actions you can set up



Online petitions are a great tactic to gain support for your campaign. With Campaignion you can create petitions just as easily as writing a blogpost on Wordpress.

Email to target

Want your supporters to email their MP or MEP? Lobby local councillors and other key decision makers? You can even tailor messages to each individual target or customise one of our many datasets according to your needs.

Flexible form

Sometimes you want to set up flexible forms, like a newsletter signup form or a “volunteer” page. It works just like other actions and you can customize it to do whatever you want.

Email protest

The email action tool allows your supporters to send emails directly to your campaign targets. You can allow supporters to change the text and target, or hide those options and all your supporters have to do is fill out their name and email address.

Form Builder

Most online actions include forms. Campaignion’s form builder lets you drag and drop fields into the form, rename them and capture the data you need to succeed. Some fields are pre-configured and will automatically show up in your supporter database, like the name of your contact.

How we'll help you win your online campaign


Social Proof

Showing your supporters that other people have taken action as well, can encourage them to take action. With Campaignion you can display counters or a progress bar on your page. It’s easy. You add your goal and the counter will update automatically. You can also show a list of people who have taken action recently.


On action pages it’s crucial to communicate urgency. Campaignion helps you do that by updating the counter in real-time and refreshing the list of recent supporters as people are looking at the page.


When supporters submit a form we also save information how they came to you so that you can optimize your mobilization. While respecting privacy guidelines and universal web tracking opt-out, Campaignion auto-detects the country, understands which channel mobilized your supporter and saves all this data along with the form submission.

Move at the speed of light

Campaignion is designed from scratch to help you move quickly.

Using action templates you can configure forms, emails and thank you pages once and reuse them over and over. If you need complicated forms or user flows this will save you a lot of work. And if you want to go live in 5 minuits you'll only have to change the title, write a paragraph or two and you're ready.



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