Communicate effectively

Campaignion will never be able to cover all channels of communications. In the century of social media this is a mission we cannot achieve. Instead, Campaignion integrates a lot of other tools so well, that you can communicate seamlessly across channels.


Campaignion manages newsletter subscriptions and you can add a “newsletter checkbox” to every form. Once you have your email marketing tool set up to integrate, you can simply choose an email list (or multiple lists) people will be subscribed to. Supporter data will be automatically synchronised to your email marketing tool, including tags.This way you can send out segmented emails based on segments in your Campaignion.

As part of the Campaignion CRM system you can also filter your supporters based on newsletter subscriptions and subscribe them to newsletters after you've segmented them.

Out of the box we support Mailchimp, Clever Reach, Dotmailer (CharityeMail) and Optivo but we’re constantly extending the integrations directory.

Share functionality

You can display share buttons on thank you pages and action pages. Supporters can share via email, twitter and facebook. Every share is tracked so you know exactly how many supporters share via a specific channel. Share buttons are smart. You can tell them to share a different URL or the action the supporter has just taken.

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are linked to Campaignion in a number of ways. First of all, you can control exactly how your action will be displayed on the facebook timeline and you can control the tweet people can send after taking an action. Share-asks are quick and easy to build into your supporter journey. Same goes for actions within Facebook. The campaignion widget can be placed on Facebook pages and your supporters can start signing up right from there.


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