Easy to use, yet powerful data management

Contact details

Campaignion does all the key simple functions of a CRM such as recording the contact details, as well as other information like their hometown and preferred language. You can also add new fields to capture your own data. Along with that Campaignion keeps track of whether your supporters have given you permission to communicate with them and how.

Activity, contact history

Campaignion logs all the interactions with your supporters, such as the actions they've taken and how often they've been involved with your campaigns, including tracking data with every activity.

Segmenting and Profiling

Campaignion also allows you to segment your supporters using filters and tags. You can easily create complex queries, tag your selection and use the tag as filter. Then you can export data, bulk edit them, add/remove tags or subscribe/unsubscribe those people to a newsletter. Campaignion's CRM and supporter management tools also integrate really well with other tools like your email marketing software.

Data exports

Campaignion allows you to download the data from each form as a CSV file. You can also export your entire supporter data including the activity log. Of course you can segment your audience first and then export a subsection of your data, too.


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