Your online fundraising well managed

Donation pages

Campaignion lets you set up donation pages quickly and easily. With just a few clicks you can set up a number of variations of the same page and start testing which works best with your donors. You can configure everything as you go: currencies, the donation frequency, suggested donation amounts and the payment method.

Generate and convert leads

Campaignion allows you to set up landing pages, like petitions. Afterwards you can redirect supporters directly to your donation page or keep them in your pool of leads. You can segment supporters and send those people an email who have taken action but haven't made a donation yet. The system is made to integrate your online marketing efforts with fundraising.

Regular givers

Recruiting new regular givers is key for every fundraising operation. With Campaignion you can create landing pages with forms that are really easy to use, even if you need a lot of data from your supporters to process direct debits.


Credit card data is not stored within Campaignion - the payment gateways keep the credit card details. Campaignion itself is very secure since it’s based on the robust open source tool “Drupal” which has been used globally by recognised organizations, such as the White House, for many years.

Payment methods and processors

Campaignion supports:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • ELV (in Germany)

Integrated payment providers:

All payment methods can be used for a single donation or regular donation. For Direct Debit you can easily set up forms to capture the data and then import it into your fundraising database.


Make the most of your online fundraising

Social Proof

Showing your supporters that other people have donated to your cause will increase your revenue. Online Fundraising opens new doors in this area. You can display a thermometer (or other counter) showing your progress towards your fundraising goal. If you want to, you can also show a live display with the names and countries of your most recent donors.


Communicating urgency through real-time updates of your donation page will increase your conversion rate. Counters and the display of your most recent donors will be updated as the visitor is looking at your page.


When someone fills out a donation form we also save information on how they came to you, so that you can optimize your strategy. While respecting privacy guidelines and universal web tracking opt-out, Campaignion auto-detects the country, understands which channel mobilized your supporter and saves all this data along with the form submission.



Create highly optimized forms

Take control over your forms and provide your donors with the best possible experience. Using our drag and drop form builder you choose which data to capture and how the donor interacts with you.


Move quickly

Campaignion will get you new donation pages live in no time. Through action templates you can configure donation forms, emails and thank you pages once and reuse them. This way you don’t have to re-create every donation page from scratch.



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