The right pricing for you

We provide affordable tools for everyone and at the same time we will support you as you grow.

All our packages also include setup, on-boarding, hosting, software maintenance and a number of support hours. Rates do not include VAT.



£395 / month
£2,000 setup fee
2 hours / month support
up to 20,000 contacts


£475 / month
£2,000 setup fee
2 hours / month support
up to 50,000 contacts


£545 / month
£2,000 setup fee
2 hours / month support
up to 100,000 contacts


More than 100,000 contacts or need extensive customisation?
Happy to discuss custom pricing.


Frequently asked questions


Why pay for open source?

The open source version is free, if you know how to install it, if you have a server to host it and if you can maintain it. If you go for the "service", we will take care of the technical details. You will also receive support from the makers of the software. On top of that you get a number of extensions, like political datasets to allow supporters to contact their representatives.

How does the billing of customization work?

The plans above refer to the "out of the box" software. We only provide very basic customization as part of the setup. However, if you want a more customized solution, we will simply charge you based on our daily rates. You pay for the work we do, not for licence or anything else.

When you feel like you will need a customized version, we will analyze your requirements and make a suggestion on how to spend your budget wisely.

What happens if I need more support?

We have a number of different support plans available, depending on the amount of hours you'll need. If you go over your limit once, we'll just invoice by the hour. You can also upgrade or downgrade your support plans as needed.

Can I pay with another currency?

Yes, no problem but different rates may apply.

Which payment methods can I use to pay my bill?

You can use credit card and we will charge you automatically. For larger amounts we can also invoice you.