Easy online actions

Setting up online actions is super easy with Campaignion. In just a few clicks you'll have a petition, an email to target action or any other landing page ready.

Use drag and drop interfaces to create forms and tick a box to show a progress bar on your site. Then you add a thank you email that will be sent to your supporters and setup a thank you page. That’s it! You’re ready to launch.

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Screen of online action with supporters cheering

Screenshot of an online fundraising page with donors cheering

Raise money online

Campaignion is unique in its combination of supporter recruitment, campaigning and fundraising. You can easily integrate it into your multi-channel mix because it’s designed to interact with other systems like your fundraising database. You can send all direct debits to your fundraising team with a single link.

Setting up brilliant donation pages has never been easier. Using the fully integrated payment gateways you can instantly accept credit cards all over the world.

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Supporters well organized

Campaignion does all the key simple functions of a CRM such as recording the contact details, as well as other information like their hometown and preferred language.

The system logs all the interactions with your supporters, such as the actions they've taken and how often they've been involved with your campaigns, including tracking data with every activity.

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Screen showing CRM data and tags

Tablet with supporters on it, email and twitter symbols flying around

Communicate across channels

Email, social media, mobile phones, you name it.

Campaignion integrates with other services in every channel. If you hook up your email marketing tool it will feel just like a built in email blaster. Campaignion auto-syncs segments you've created and keeps track of every interaction with your supporters.

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Too many integrations to list

Campaignion has "out of the box" integrations with with more than 30 apps and tools and the list gets bigger every month. Additionally, you can use customized Drupal integrations to link your Campaignion to hundreds of tools out there.

Major advantages with Campaignion

  • Open

    • Designed to be open, can interact with other applications seamlessly
    • No license fees, you pay for work and service
    • No vendor lock-in, you choose your partners and leave if they don’t deliver
    • Your data, your API
  • Powerful

    • It’s super easy to set up actions
    • Campaigning and fundraising combined
    • It’s the only tool that is fully multi-lingual on every level, even the interface
    • Secure because it uses Drupal as framework
    • Drupal community powers this product
  • Flexible

    • Campaignion can be used in many ways
    • Flexible hosting, you can hire someone or DIY
    • You can adapt to new requirements and customize it (with a partner or in-house developers)
    • If you want a new feature developed, you’ll always find someone to do it